Saturday, August 6, 2011

Accurate Deception

Here is a fascinating graphic. It is technically accurate, but it is highly misleading. It describes the public debt as a static sum. Its sole purpose is to assign blame for the rapid growth in the national debt to George W. Bush.

How is this misleading?

The nominal amount of debt racked up by Bush 43 is $6.1 Trillion.
The nominal amount of debt racked up by Obama is $2.4 Trillion ... or just shy of 40% of the total Bush 43 presidency.

But remember, Obama is only 30 months into his presidency, meaning that his policies are increasing the debt at a rate $80,000,000,000 per month!. If this were to continue for two terms (perish the thought), the total additional debt created in the same period as Bush 43's presidency would equal nearly $8 trillion, or about 33% more. And this does not even account for Obamacare, which hasn't even begun adding to our debt.

Yes, Bush 43 added $6.1 trillion to the public debt. Yes, this was not a success. Obama's supporters have no explanation for why doing more of a bad idea is somehow a good thing.