Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our tax system is depraved

Isn't the purpose of taxes to raise revenues?

If that is the purpose of taxation, then why are their special taxes that penalize certain behaviors and reward others? Here are just a few sickening examples:

  • Why do we deduct health insurance premiums from taxable income when they are paid via a payroll contribution, but not when they are paid out of personal funds?
  • Why is the interest on a primary residence tax-deductible, but not the interest on a car
  • Why do we subsidize inefficient forms of refined petroleum, and put higher levies on the efficient forms?
  • Why are the people who produce the most wealth for our nation penalized with higher tax rates, while those who produce less wealth subsidized with lower tax rates?

Our federal government spends the vast bulk of its energy and resources transferring wealth from our most productive citizens to our least productive citizens. We have completely perverted our sense of fairness and equity.

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