Saturday, February 4, 2012

Extortion on the Left

So now we know that if Planned Parenthood decides that it disapproves of a private organization's decisions, it will bring the full weight of its media machine to bear, painting it as evil and cowardly. How dare they?

Every day, private organizations chooses to fund or not fund initiatives, causes and other organizations. When the Komen Foundation made a corporate decision not to award a grant to Planned Parenthood, they did so based on their own policies and priorities. The uproar by those who felt slighted or offended was amazing to me. And what did Komen do? They caved. They said it was all a misunderstanding. How disgusting. They had an opportunity to show courage and strength. And they chose to show cowardice and weakness.

The Komen Foundation has done some good things over the years. The survival rate of women diagnosed with breast cancer has soared, thanks in part to the work of that organization. It's too bad that their legacy will soiled with the blood of innocent, unborn children.

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