Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Open war is upon us, whether we would risk it or not

One of the great mysteries of progressives is how they seemingly refuse to believe that we are not the cause of wars in this world. The only explanation for the act of war perpetrated upon our sovereign land - as all consulates and embassies are designated - is that a specific, identifiable segment of the world's population desires to eliminate our country.

Identifiable? Yes. Islam seeks to rule the world. The infidel has two choices: convert or die. Christianity seeks to rule the world as well. However, the difference is that we do not take it upon ourselves to carry out the sentence of unbelief. True Christians leave that to Almighty God.

So Islam has, once again, attacked our nation. Our feckless leader will denounce it. Maybe he'll send out a few drones. But he refuses to view our situation as war. He refuse to risk open war! Well open war is upon us, whether he would risk it or not.

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