Saturday, December 8, 2012

From this point forward

I was hoping that the election had turned out differently. But I have become more troubled by larger issues. Among the most concerning is one that gets little to no attention in the press: the decline of traditional marriage.

The MSM only wants to talk about homosexuals getting married. But they refuse to acknowledge the great harm that results when fewer men choose to marry their girlfriends... or even worse, when fewer men marry the mother of their children. The facts are indisputable:

  • Children borne out of wedlock are far more likely to suffer sexual and physical abuse
  • Single men are more likely to be unemployed (or under-employed)
  • Unmarried mothers are far more likely to be poor
Why is this happening? Some might say that pop culture has so glamorized the single lifestyle that people are sorely tempted to pursue it. I disagree. The single lifestyle has always been glamorized, and it has never delivered on that false promise.

What is new, though, is that the traditional family lifestyle has been turned into a punch line. Pop culture portrays the man of this life as far from ideal or attractive or aspirational. Instead it casts him the role of lovable idiot (at best), or malicious oppressor. Why would anyone want to be that guy?

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